Reporting of research data from the Dartmouth Atlas Project takes several forms. We have produced twenty book-length editions of The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care; several brief reports covering specific topics and/or clinical subject areas; and a number of issue briefs on relevant health policy topics. Atlas investigators also have an extensive bibliography of scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Recently Released:

Our Parents, Ourselves: Health Care for an Aging Population. Using Medicare claims data, this report examines the demographics of older adults, including age, race, enrollment status, and other characteristics, to understand who are the older adults of today in the U.S. It explores the care experienced by this population, looking at the number and types of care providers they see, along with the frequency with which they have contact with the health care system. It identifies areas in which patient-centered improvements are most needed for older patients, as well as recognizes areas in which those improvements are already under way. Finally, it notes the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by special populations, including people with multiple chronic conditions and dementia. The report was supported by The John A. Hartford Foundation.

Variation in the Care of Surgical Conditions. This volume combines the six surgery reports described below into one anthology. Each chapter begins with an examination of the underlying condition, the available treatment options before surgery, and the role of shared decision-making. The care during surgery is then presented, including aspects of quality, risks, and costs. The next section is concerned with the care of patients after surgery, including hospital readmissions and ambulatory care.