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Atlas Data – Selected Medical Discharge Rates

Although some rates of hospital admissions are influenced by local incidence of disease, little of the variation in medical discharges can be explained by differences in population demographics (age, sex, race). Where patients live, and the hospital capacity available in the region, is a greater predictor of hospital admission rates for medical conditions.

Medical Discharges 2015 – by HRR

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Medical Discharges 2015 – by HSA

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Denominator Definition
100% of Medicare enrollees age 65-99 with full Part A entitlement and no HMO enrollment during the measurement period. Age, gender, race, and eligibility are determined using the Denominator file.

Numerator Definition
Number of medical discharges
DRGs classified as “medical” according to Medicare DRG definitions (CMS-DRG & MS-DRG).

Ambulatory Care-Sensitive (ACS) Conditions
Numerator counts are based on ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes. Surgical codes are usually excluded to ensure that the admission was for a medical condition. Conditions: Convulsions (780.3x): Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (491xx, 492xx, 494xx, 496xx, 466.0x: 466.0x only w/secondary dx 491xx, 492xx, 494xx, 496xx): Bacterial Pneumonia (481xx, 482.2x, 482.3x, 482.9x, 483xx, 485xx, 486xx: excl. secondary dx 282.6x): Asthma (493xx): Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) (428xx, 402.01, 402.11, 402.91, 518.4x: excl. sx 36.01, 36.02, 36.05, 36.1x,37.5x, or 37.7x): Hypertension (401.0x, 401.9x, 402.00, 402.10, 402.90: excl. sx 36.01, 36.02, 36.05, 36.1x,37.5x, or 37.7x): Angina (411.1x, 411.8x, 413xx: excl. sx 01-86.99): Cellulitis (681xx, 682xx, 683xx, 686xx: excl. sx 01-86.99, unless 86.0x is the first and only sx code): Diabetes (250.0x, 250.1x, 250.2x, 250.3x, 250.8x, 250.9x): Gastroenteritis (558.9x): Kidney/Urinary Infection (590xx, 599.0x, 599.9x): Dehydration (276.5x).

Rates are adjusted for age, sex and race using the indirect method, using the U.S. Medicare population as the standard.