Inpatient Spending per Decedent During the Last Six Months of Life, by Gender and Level of Care Intensity
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    Inpatient Spending per Decedent During the Last Six Months of Life, by Gender and Level of Care Intensity
    (Gender: Overall; Level of Care Intensity: Overall; Year: 2014; Region Levels: State)
    Wyoming $13,801
    Wisconsin $12,408
    West Virginia $13,799
    Washington $13,321
    Virginia $13,841
    Vermont $14,692
    Utah $9,884
    Texas $14,211
    Tennessee $12,221
    South Dakota $11,962
    South Carolina $12,713
    Rhode Island $15,981
    Pennsylvania $14,588
    Oregon $12,087
    Oklahoma $12,742
    Ohio $13,832
    North Dakota $11,972
    North Carolina $12,632
    New York $23,081
    New Mexico $13,184
    New Jersey $19,931
    New Hampshire $13,020
    Nevada $15,590
    Nebraska $12,617
    Montana $10,347
    Missouri $13,773
    Mississippi $12,992
    Minnesota $13,191
    Michigan $16,174
    Massachusetts $17,618
    Maryland $21,934
    Maine $11,734
    Louisiana $12,780
    Kentucky $13,945
    Kansas $12,265
    Iowa $11,830
    Indiana $13,565
    Illinois $15,934
    Idaho $10,250
    Hawaii $15,917
    Georgia $12,870
    Florida $14,928
    District of Columbia $18,621
    Delaware $16,151
    Connecticut $19,468
    Colorado $11,136
    California $20,483
    Arkansas $12,624
    Arizona $14,443
    Alaska $17,024
    Alabama $11,481
    National Average $15,260
    90th Percentile $19,468
    50th Percentile $13,565
    10th Percentile $11,481
        • 100% of Medicare enrollees age 65-99 who died during the measurement year with full Part A entitlement and no HMO enrollment during the measurement period. Age, gender, race, and eligibility are determined using the Denominator file.

        • Inpatient reimbursements ($) within six months of the death date in the MedPAR file. For stays that began prior to the six-month period before the death date, only the portion of the event that occurred within the six-month window is used. ICU spending represents Medicare allowed charges, rather than reimbursements. ICU charges are determined by the following indicators in the MedPAR claim: ICAREAMT (intensive care charge amount), CRNRYAMT (coronary care charge amount).

        • ADJUSTMENTS:
        • Rates are adjusted for age, sex and race using the indirect method, using the U.S. Medicare decedent population as the standard. Gender-specific rates are age and race adjusted; race-specific rates are age and sex adjusted.


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